viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2014

The Norwegian Nobel Committee should remove Barack Obama today ...

As stated in libraries, it was after the Second World War when the committee chose the Norwegian Parliament to designate the nobel prize opted to include environmental, humanitarian and other activists. That is, willing to develop or help achieve a peaceful existence in its concepts and between all human beings on the planet humans. In 2009 and wrapped in a nebula, perhaps longed maybe needed and the fervor of the moment that existed with the election of a black South African named Barack Obama, the world lived as "the coming of the savior." "The Guru would bring peace in the world." It is for this ecstasy need to believe in something and someone that this black man was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. But this guy was not what it seemed, or if it was, you will soon see the plume of his strategy when Guantanamo is not closed. Five years later, life goes on. Or rather, the world increasingly looks more like a powder keg ready to explode. The black man is a man of war. He has shown in his path to starting battles, serving bullets and managing global information. So I ask you as well so do millions of people worldwide, the Norwegian committee that Obama withdraw his title of Nobel Prize because in these years has not helped the countries and peoples to establish bonds of harmony, friendship and cooperation. Nor has collaborated in the development of World Peace.

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Esté de acuerdo o no con lo que escribas, nunca te quitaré el derecho a expresarte como quieras sepas o puedas. Ese mismo respeto lo tengo conmigo. Si es para difamar o insultar NO sale. Gracias por venir...


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