martes, 18 de febrero de 2014


Dear Madam , I saw his speech on TV in Spain on the subject of the dead to enter my country Saharan and I have to say that I am ashamed to live in a land where free traffic in human beings is not respected in search of that there is a golden but maybe it sñarona their way and just leave their countries because the North has left and let everything dry . The north can no longer ignore the South , people say enough. The performance of the Civil Guard on the border of Ceuta has been ordered by incompetent and uneducated . Ie their senior commanders . They have lied and not blush . I ask on behalf of many knowing that their time is not graph Continuous efforts to seek explanations to look like the popular party in the Government is passed by lining all international treaties concerning this issue. There are even reports of abuse in detention centers who are awaiting resolution of expulsion. Help please talk about the fundamental rights of their own species , human rights . Very friendly and forgive my boldness , but to fight my way through the network. Sincerely

¡¡ HELP  PLIS ¡¡