jueves, 14 de noviembre de 2013

"The windows of chaos"

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Today I got up as usual to the hour. After the first coffee I sat at the computer in what we could call my office and there like every day I gave out my email and social networks in which figured. Among all the information I came across this photograph of Philippine disaster and it was what I felt the reason that led to this post. A pregnant woman contemplates the tragedy , chaos , madness of despair own neighbors and herself . Nothing , everything has been destroyed by the typhoon and how little liquid is left standing at the pillage of hunger and the business. Despite the distance I am no stranger to tragedy and that's when my head does not understand or come to understand that reason there is no global emergency protocol with a jolt of nature itself. And I do not mean the solidarity that comes naturally to any pandemic. I mean a protocol designed to act together all to give a rapid, effective and above all human . I can not understand as to any war, almost anytime and anywhere in the world countries agree and put in 24 hours at the site of attack: 32 aircraft , 73 helicopters , 48 warplanes, 300,000 soldiers , 600 hospital tents , 10 units of logistics and a long , extensive and complete so . And it is not the same as these natural calamities (caused in part by humans) in more or less developed countries than in others where poverty and sometimes their leaders dictators are his greatest enemies. Can not understand under any criteria in the era of the great new technologies and in the XXI century is not an immediate response to events so very tragic . Only works when there ambigú behind oil, diamonds or something to get rich. So Far , Haití . Left to themselves to defend their territory their lifestyle and their country. Understanding that no foreign forces behind staging the alleged attempt to help established under the shield of peace and solidarity for completely different objectives .

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Esté de acuerdo o no con lo que escribas, nunca te quitaré el derecho a expresarte como quieras sepas o puedas. Ese mismo respeto lo tengo conmigo. Si es para difamar o insultar NO sale. Gracias por venir...